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Wretched soul

Thought you could just throw me away

Left here to die, I start to decay

Wretched soul, your worthless life

Ruined mine, your true form dies

Withering you beg to live

Be my friend and all you'd give

I've seen your eyes, they turn to fire

Melt Inside, become this martyr

Hanging on this cross you built

Realize it's my dream you killed

I'll play god and watch you burn

Take your soul, your stomach churns…


I can't breathe, your hands upon me

My lungs collapse, and you can see

All this pain and suffering

The price I pay for overtrusting

I gave my heart, and I'm repaid

A knife in my back, as good as slain

While you watch, your own demise

Know that the tool I use is your lies…


How can you deny yourself

I live with the pain I've felt

Can't control what's locked inside

Even though I've tried to hide

The anger that I feel toward you

But now I know what I will do

Fill your head with lies you tell

Then I'll send you straight to hell…