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Mentally diseased

These drugs will keep my mind at ease

Making myself bleed

Cover up my endless plea

I scare the shit out of me

Every time I start to see

Making up my destiny

One day I will see me free


This isn't me

I plead insanity


Worthless life I live

You don't know what I would give

It's all in my head

I feel that I'm better off dead

Nothing offered by this world

Insides rotting - already killed

Trying to restrain me now

To this board - I'm strapped down


Flashing right before my eyes

I can't tell what's real or lies

Straightjacket's the only one that fits

My feelings, they are conduits

Crying on the inside

Now I can not hide

My worthless being

I'm not worth saving

I can not control

I start to unfold

Insanity, it calls to me

Self-mutilate my body