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hey what's up you sick fucks. KiDD siCkNeSS here with the news and shit. we have a new drummer, SkaRz. We're now a complete family again. we have a show saturday july 15th in Brooklyn NY at LAMOUR. if you wanna go contact us at and get your tickets. We're going on 4th or 5th. this show its gonna be cool. bile, adva, solitude, dead season, slack and more. its gonna be fucking sick!!!!. we are planning a cancer benefit at the chance in poughkeepsie with darling demoniac, THROWN ASIDE, gizmachi, ADVA and OLS. the date isn't set yet but please come out and support all the bands on this show 'cause it's for a very good cause. i wanna yet again thank my sister Scorn for doing a lot of the art for our site. i love u. also thanx to Roxy for making the lil banner that is now on the main page that has Joel in it. we are updating the site today. like the links, the news, bio and shows page. were really trying to get stuff set and i hope u all like the new format of the site. Thrown Aside plans on going into the studio before the end of the summer and that is A PROMISE. none of this bullshit saying we are and not. We ARE!! so be ready for our first release its gonna be sick. Check out the PICS page cause we have some new PICS on there and they're pretty cool. Well, i will let all u mother fuckers be on your way and make sure u sign the guest book please. we like it when people do that :) keep it sick, KiDD siCkNeSS


Hey everyone. Long time no news. We have been so busy with drummer changes and stuff so we really haven't gotten on here to fix or add anything but don’t worry we will soon. We have a new drummer, Jamie. He's very good and we are starting to get stuff set again. We are going to be redoing the ENITRE site. Adding new pics, links, wavs, etc… I hope you will all like the new format. Anyway… I want to say thank you to everyone for helping us with all our shit. We have been almost to the point of breaking up due to the fucking drummer shit but… its all good now.

We are planning on going into the studio we hope soon. I know we have said we plan on going into the studio and never do but this time we are. We are going to work on some new stuff and then off to the studio we go.

We were at a MINDLESS SELF INDULGENCE show in New Haven CT and a guy who works for Elektra Records asked us to play a festival for him in september. So we will be letting you know the details with that also.

I wan to also say thank you to my sister Scorn for helping us with a lot of our art work. I only do some of it but with out her we wouldn't have a lot of the cool art we have. I love you sis (hug)

Well IM off. We will now try to update this fucking news page every week with what's going on.

Keep it sick,


*ATTENTION. Anyone who does really fucked up weird ART please send us some of your work and we may add it to the site and maybe use it in our album. I do most of the ART work right now along with my sister Scorn, but I like help from other artists so if your interested let us know and send us some pictures of your art*

Email: with you art



Hey, what's up people? This is COMA. Thrown Aside and I would like to inform you that we are getting back on track of things. We lost Hugh due to his lack of scheduling abilities and we have replaced him with Josh. We are all pleased with the progress that we are making and we are attempting to record a makeshift demo to give out, most likely to clubs, for gigs and other crap. Right now we don't have any shows coming up, but don't fret, we will be back…and we will be so much better the next time around….I promise you that…peace


A lot of shit has been going on in THROWN ASIDE within the last month. We have gotten both BILE shows canceled and John was kicked out. We are going to change most of the songs and in away evolve the band to a higher level. We got a new drummer just last week named Hugh aka dumb jock. He's very good. We are very happy with the way thing are going but yet there are still some disappointments due to the shows we have missed. The show at LaCunas was a big FUCKING joke. The owner didn’t even show up. That left 7 bands pissed off and POOR. ::send donations:: hint hint. Anyway. We are trying to get a show with E-town Concrete in april. We will keep you informed on all our shit.

Well I'm fucking tired im gonna go now…….

Later, ~siC~


This is COMA. Check out our "Shows" page for some seriously cool shit going on. We have a show January 23rd at LaCunas with our friends Darling Demoniac, Dissolve and a bunch of other awesome bands. And then…(thanks to our guitarist ~siC~…you rock man… :*) on January 25th we have a show at the SPIRAL LOUNGE with BILE!! It's gonna rock…


The show at the Chance went very well. The audience thought we put on a fucking kick-ass performance and we were very pleased with ourselves. The Chance was also pleased because we managed to sell 100 tickets…so we will be back.

We would like to put a shout out to all of our family and friends who supported us last night and those who couldn't come, but supported us anyway. We appreciate it.

We will have pictures of the show soon. (Courtesy of Wickedlobo.)

Later, John and COMA


Hey, this is COMA. I'm having problems with my computer and since I do everything on this page from here, there may not be any updates on this page for a little bit. Sorry. The comp. will be brought in for repairs this week and I'm not sure when I’m getting it back…hopefully soon. I'm going to attempt to work on the page from other places, but we'll see what I can do.

Later, COMA